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7 ways to protect yourself against the Ebola virus

Publié par MaRichesse.Com sur 1 Août 2014, 13:58pm

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7 ways to protect yourself against the Ebola virus

Despite the seriousness of the disease, which causes bleeding from the mouth, ears and eyes, preventing it spreading is relatively simple. 



1. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap or, if that is not available, a hand sanitiser can be used.



2. Avoid any contact with someone you believe is infected, especially with their bodily fluids, advises the World Health Organisation (WHO).

3. If you need to go near someone with the virus, use protective gear such as face masks and gloves.

4. Health workers in West Africa have taken full precautions, wearing protective suits that cover their entire bodies, as well as hosing down areas infected patients have used.

5. WHO states any areas an infected person could have had contact with, such as bed linens, should be disinfected.

6. If you believe someone you know has been infected, or if you think you might have contracted Ebola, the best thing to do is isolate yourself from any other people around you and call medical help immediately.

7. A sudden temperature, muscle aches, vomiting or a rash might indicate you have the disease. 

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